Repair of diagnostic equipment

Another special area in our workshop are special displays and diagnostic tests.

In most cases, we can also help you at low cost. Before you buy a new device, you should contact us, we can help you at a reasonable price and you can use your usual device again - with guarantee!

Furthermore, we are able to repair almost any electronic device and vehicle components. Just send us your inquiry or call us.

e.g. repair:
Witech CANpot, Tech1, Tech2, VCI, CANdi, MDI, Examiner Smart, Examiner plus, Examiner HD, DRB3, Mutt3, Mutt 3, Basic2, Basic 2, Consult 3, Panasonic Toughbook, CF18, CF50, CF52 für Opel Citroen Peugeot, Diag 3G, Lexia 3, Examiner Smart HD, Sam, Smart Analog Measurements, VCI Pod, WiTech plus, Other diagnostic computers